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~~~ Clan Photo Album ~~~
Updated & Additions - February 2009

New as of November 2004 is our CLAN PHOTO ALBUM.  On this page I will display "old photos" of Healy Family members submitted by members of the HEALY CLAN ORGANIZATION who wish to share with others for the purpose of identity or research for ancestry information. 

If you wish to submit photos for posting on this page please send them to me via e-mail as an attached (jpg or gif) file along with (1) YOUR NAME (2) YOUR E-MAIL (3) YOUR PHONE (4) YOUR MAILING ADDRESS (5) ANY DESCRIPTION you have on each photo.

I will then adjust and post the photos for display on the page with any identity known.  As information is shared I will update the

If anyone can help identify or add information about any person in this photo album please send me a Feedback Message using the form below.  I will then contact the person who submitted the photo with your input and contact information.  In this way we can gather Clan information, limit e-mail harvesting, and develop a better community for our Clan Research.

Thank you for your help and participation.

E-Mail to EEHealy@veren.com


Here are two photos of
two different John Healys.

The one on the left was taken
in the USA about 1875 of
John C. Healy at age 31
(born in Ireland
on October 2, 1844)
who came to the USA in 1852.


This is a photo of
John Healy taken about 1860 at age 28
(born in Ireland in 1832)

Moved to New Zealand
in 1855.

1. Could they be related

2. Are there any other Healy Photos out there that you would like to match?



Healy Brothers in New Zealand
(L-R) William, Ted (Edward) MP, John, Charles, Michael, Arthur
[Photo taken by Irvine photography Tua Marina NZ]


John Healy of Tua Marina,
New Zealand in 1905
at age 73



Charles Healy
Photo taken about 1890
in Hawera, New Zealand


Michael Healy
Born 1835
Moved to New Zealand in 1857


The above photos of the New Zealand Healy brothers are from Tracy Healy.

A search for other family members is underway.  If anyone has old photos of Healy Family that look similar to these Brothers or see any connection to the Ancestry notes to the right please E-mail Tracy Healy at  trcyhealy@yahoo.co.nz.


Ancestry data about Healy brothers in New Zealand.

1. The Parents of the Healy Brothers were Patrick and Mary nee (brien , O'brienne) Healy. Patrick was a farm overseer and the family had connections with Tralee and BallyMacgelligot, Co. Kerry.

2. There is a niece Mary Mahoney (born 1847) in Arabella and moved to New Zealand in 1861.

3. A brother Edward Healy died in Ireland. Edward's widow Deborah and sons John and Michael went to New Zealand about 1862-63.


Here is an old photograph of Elizabeth (Lizzie) HEALY taken at the Chas H. Williamson Studio in Brooklyn, New York about 1880's.

Lizzie was in her teens at the time. She appears to be wearing a robe of some type so I'm thinking it might be a school graduation photograph of some kind.

Looking to find someone from Lizzie's family so that the original of this precious old photograph can be returned to the care of family. If you are a member of this family or know someone who might be, please contact Shelley Cardiel.


Here is an 1876 photo of Jesse Belle Healy wearing a Tartan.

CLICK on photo to download a Large 590KB image.

If anyone can identify the design, color or family association please contact EEHealy.


Mary Healy and brothers taken in Wyoming about 1910.

Submitted by Patty O'Beirne.


Here is an 1862 photo of John C. Healy (seated) and his brother William Edward Healy taken in Newburgh, NY.

William later known as Edward Healy was a farmer in Greene Co. NY.

Any information please contact EEHealy.

Picture of Jim Healy.

Submitted by Patty O'Beirne.

Picture of Store and owner named Healy.

Submitted by Patty O'Beirne.


Picture of
Mary and Margaret Healy

Submitted by Patty O'Beirne.

This picture of three men standing near a porch has some writing on the back.

It does say 1924 and looks like someone was recording heights. "5-4 Mike, 5-5 Pat, 5-4 John, and 5-8 Dan"

Submitted by Patty O'Beirne.


Submitted by Patty O'Beirne.

Picture of Dan Healy and Wife

Submitted by Patty O'Beirne.

Picture of Mary Healy and
Brother (Jim Healy)

Submitted by Patty O'Beirne.

Picture of Jim Healy
Brother of Mary Healy

Submitted by Patty O'Beirne.

Picture of John Healy
(See Group Above)

Submitted by Patty O'Beirne.

Picture of Jim Healy

Submitted by Patty O'Beirne.

Picture of Mary Healy and
son Jack Healy

Submitted by Patty O'Beirne.

Picture of Pat Healy
(See Group Above)

Submitted by Patty O'Beirne.

Picture of Dan Healy
Rawlins, Wyoming
Father of Mary (Healy) O'Beirne

Submitted by Patty O'Beirne.
Author: Patty O'Beirne (See Forum Postings)

From the Carbon County 1880 Census:
Daniel Healy b. 1828 - Ireland (GG Grandfather)
Ann Healy (Wife) b. 1838 - Ireland (GG Grandmother)
d. 11/09/1882 - Rawlins, Wyoming
Mary Healy b. 1861 - Illinois (Great Grandmother) d. 10/10/1944 - Chicago
Daniel Healy b. 1866 - Illinois d. 1945 - Rawlins, Wyoming
John (Jack) Healy b. 1868 - Illinois
Patrick Healy b. 1870 - Illinois
Mike Healy b. 1871 - Nebraska
James Healy b. 1872 - Wyoming d. 1947 - Rawlins, Wyoming
Willie Healy b. 1875 - Wyoming
Charles F. Healy b. 1876 - Wyoming d. 8/11/1891
- Drowned at Ft. Steele logging camp - Wyoming
Annie Healy b. 1877 - Wyoming d. 8/21/1880 - Unknown cause
Robert Healy b. 1879 - Wyoming
From the 1900 Carbon, Wyoming Census:
Daniel Healy - City Marshall
Lizzie Healy (wife) b. Kansas 1877 - Parents were both from Germany
Description of Photograph at Right:
John Michael Healy (Grandfather of Timothy Patrick Healy)
Taken in the uniform of "The East Surrey Regiment" about 1915.
  • He was killed in action on the 25th Sept 1918 in Picardy, France.
  • He is buried at: Templeux - Le-Guerard Cemetery, Picardy, France.
  • He was born in Southwark, London in 1872,
  • His father: Michael came from Youghal, Cork.
  • His mother: Honora Hannah (Scanlon) I think came from Castle Island, Kerry.
  • "John Michael " was a printer by trade
    but also worked professionally on the stage as a singer, dancer.
  • He left behind, his wife Kathleen,
    and his sons, Francis, James,
    and Timothy (father of Timothy Patrick Healy).

John Michael Healy
Taken in the uniform of
"The East Surrey Regiment"
about 1915

Submitted by Timothy Patrick Healy

The next three photos were added on February 22, 2009.
They were submitted by Jane and Michael (Mike) Healy.

In going through my mother-in-law's photo albums after her death a few weeks ago, we came across these photos. Mom was 90 years old and her husband, Douglas M. Healy was born in 1910. The photos are all of the Healy family from Mineral Point, WI. They later moved to Superior, Wisconsin.

Charles (Charlie) Healy, William E. Healy, and Joe Healy were brothers. William was born about 1865 (and is my husband's grandfather). William married Harriet (Hattie) M. Brewer on Dec. 28, 1887. I'm guessing that the photo was taken about 1885. They were all born in America.

William James Healy, known as James, was their father and was born in 1834 and died Feb. 13, 1911. The photo with the cows is dated on the back Sept. 5, 1897. The other picture of him we believe was taken around 1880 or so. He was born in Ireland, but we don't know where (family lore says at County Mayo or County Cork). His wife was Beatrice O'Dowd Healy (also born in Ireland). We know that his father was Charles Healy.